Meet the Creators

J. Clark– I had skincare issues in my late teen years where my sensitive skin was always irritated by any product I would put on it. It did not matter what products I chose, nothing ever worked quite right for me. Through years of struggle and trial and error, I realized that we all have different skin that responds to products in a different way. The ingredients that come in our skincare products DOES matter, and sensitive skin does need to be treated in a different way. I met Otis in 2012 and since then we became quite close friends. Our conversations would inevitably lead to me saying “Hey Otis” to which Otis would respond “This is what you gotta do”. This lead to many creations of natural skincare remedies that helped fix my skin issues. J. Clark skincare is a continuation of those conversations O. Mcqueen(Otis) and I would have, and we want to share the remedies that we created together with you. We hope you enjoy our remedies as much as we enjoyed creating them.


O. McQueen– I have dedicated over 40 years of my life to helping people with skincare and healthcare needs. In my early 20s during my time as a Nurse in the Air Force, I was awakened to a world of possibility through using natural ingredients to heal the skin. My fascination with natural skincare has only grown since then, as I have helped hundreds of people “feel confident in their own skin again”. I am looking forward to sharing my home-made skincare remedies with you all!